Close more deals and improve the performance of any sales team. The Mastering Solution Selling Skills course is designed to make you more effective and efficient as you pursue your sales goals. Understand how to stand out in the crowd, attract customers, and build support for your initiatives within your company. Knowing how to “get to yes” is a crucial skill that can improve many facets of your life. Prepare to be tested, taught, and transformed as you learn to locate new customers and get great results.

What you will learn:

  • Create Optimal Mindset for Sales Success so that you stop making unconscious mistakes and more naturally do things that lead to more sales.
  • UNCOVER What Your Prospects Actually WANT to Buy so that selling becomes easier and more enjoyable.
  • Discover Your Ideal and Most Profitable next Clients so that you waste less time pitching the wrong people.
  • Sell the way your prospects naturally buy so that you encounter less resistance and close more sales.
  • Establish a Rock-Solid Sales Process so you can consistently make sales and always know what to do next.
  • Determine which metrics to pay attention to so you know how to create maximum improvement with the least amount of effort.
  • Use peak performance secrets so that you can exponentially grow your sales skills and income.


Course content

The role of the Solution Sales expert

Explaining Value

  • Value Propositions
  • Case Studies and Social Proof
  • Benefits Presentation

Understanding client needs – Logical Levels.

  • The Logical Levels concept
  • Moving up logical levels
  • Moving down logical levels
  • Softeners


Key sales skills

  • Matching Values
  • Summarising
  • Reframing
  • Behaviour Labelling
  • Conditional Close

Making a positive first impression

  • Mind Scripts
  • Credibility Statements
  • The use of social media
  • Introducing your company

Dealing with resistance

  • Pointers
  • Truth test question
  • Feel/Felt/Found
  • Use of metaphor
  • Three Step Assertive technique