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Microsoft Office word 2016 Training Course

Microsoft office word 2016 training

Who Should Attend?

This Microsoft Office word 2016 Training course is for those who would like to gain knowledge of Microsoft® Word 2016, and is ideal for users who want to explore further tools and techniques to move from basic to intermediate skill level, within Microsoft® Word 2016.

Microsoft Office word 2016 Course Objectives

  • Understand how to navigate efficiently to the relevant tools within the Microsoft® Word Ribbon
  • Explore quick ways of enhancing the appearance of your documents
  • Gain an understanding of the various tools available within Microsoft® Word and their different uses

Program Content

  • Understanding Commands, Tabs, & Groups
  • Customizing The Quick Access Toolbar
  • Creating Documents & Using Templates
  • Enhancing The Appearance Of Your Documents
    • Changing Font Type, Size, Colour, Case, Styles, Etc.
    • Copying Existing Formatting Onto New Text
    • Clearing All Formatting From Text
  • Paragraphs
    • Using Paragraph Marks
    • Aligning Text
  • Applying Drop Cap Styles
  • Customizing Paragraph Indents, Line & Paragraph Spacing
  • Borders & Shading
  • Using Find & Replace Options
  • Using Tabs For Easy Alignment & Placing Of Text
  • Changing Your Page Settings (Orientation, Size, Margin, Breaks, Etc.)
  • Using Headers & Footers
  • Inserting Tables Into Your Document
    • Moving Across Cells & Rows
    • Working With Text Within The Table
    • Selecting All Cells, Rows, Or The Entire Table
    • Working With Rows & Columns
    • Formatting Data As A Table
    • Merging, Splitting, & Aligning Text Within Cells
    • Sorting Data In Your Table
  • Inserting & Formatting Pictures, Clip Art, 3D Graphics, Etc.
  • Checking Your Document For Errors
  • Creating Columns In Word Documents
  • Inserting, Editing & Removing Hyperlinks In Your Document
  • Building And Formatting A Table Of Contents
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