Who Should Attend?

This Microsoft® Office – Word 2016 course is for those who would like to gain knowledge of Microsoft® Word 2016, and is ideal for users who want to explore further tools and techniques to move from basic to intermediate skill level, within Microsoft® Word 2016.


Microsoft Office Word 2016 Course Objectives

  • Understand how to navigate efficiently to the relevant tools within the Microsoft® Word Ribbon
  • Explore quick ways of enhancing the appearance of your documents
  • Gain an understanding of the various tools available within Microsoft® Word and their different uses

Program Content

  • Understanding Commands, Tabs, & Groups
  • Customizing The Quick Access Toolbar
  • Creating Documents & Using Templates
  • Enhancing The Appearance Of Your Documents
    • Changing Font Type, Size, Colour, Case, Styles, Etc.
    • Copying Existing Formatting Onto New Text
    • Clearing All Formatting From Text
  • Paragraphs
    • Using Paragraph Marks
    • Aligning Text
  • Applying Drop Cap Styles
  • Customising Paragraph Indents, Line & Paragraph Spacing
  • Borders & Shading
  • Using Find & Replace Options
  • Using Tabs For Easy Alignment & Placing Of Text
  • Changing Your Page Settings (Orientation, Size, Margin, Breaks, Etc.)
  • Using Headers & Footers
  • Inserting Tables Into Your Document
    • Moving Across Cells & Rows
    • Working With Text Within The Table
    • Selecting All Cells, Rows, Or The Entire Table
    • Working With Rows & Columns
    • Formatting Data As A Table
    • Merging, Splitting, & Aligning Text Within Cells
    • Sorting Data In Your Table
  • Inserting & Formatting Pictures, Clip Art, 3D Graphics, Etc.
  • Checking Your Document For Errors
  • Creating Columns In Word Documents
  • Inserting, Editing & Removing Hyperlinks In Your Document
  • Building And Formatting A Table Of Contents