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MS Office 365 – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook Training Courses

ms office 365 training course

Learn the way to get extra work executed, from anywhere on any device with Microsoft 365 and Windows 10. Discover how industry professionals leverage Microsoft 365 to communicate, collaborate, and enhance productiveness across the group and organization.

Course content

  • First Steps in Office 365
  • First Steps on mobile devices
  • Introduction
  • First Steps
  • First Steps in Mail
  • Improved Search Function
  • Work with Folders
  • Settings
  • Working with the Mail App
  • First Steps
  • Groups
  • Introduction
  • Upload Files
  • Share Files
  • Sync Files
  • Recycle Bin
  • Using OneDrive
  • Add Calendar Items
  • Share Your Calendar
  • Settings
  • Discover new ways to collaborate and communicate
  • An introduction to your central place in Office 365
  • How to launch and install Teams
  • The Interface of Microsoft Teams
  • Use the Teams window to structure your organization
  • Use Channels to structure the Teams window
  • Use Tabs to access tools and information
  • Communicate with others via Chat
  • Keep track of activities
  • Meetings, video conferencing and screen sharing
  • Share files effectively
  • Manage teams and permissions for organizational structuring
  • Use Teams effectively on mobile devices
  • Introduction
  • Use Skype for Business Online
  • Navigate Through the Skype for Business Desktop App
  • Manage Contacts
  • Instant Messaging
  • Make Calls with Skype for Business
  • Video Calls with Skype for Business
  • Initial Setup: Audio Settings
  • Initial Setup: Video Settings
  • Join a Meeting
  • Schedule an Online Meeting
  • Share a PowerPoint Presentation
  • Share Your Screen
  • Co-author with Skype for Business
  • Send a File
  • Work with Whiteboards!
  • Perform a Poll
  • Use Q&A for Structured Discussions
  • Manage Multiple Content Screens
  • Skype for Business: Meeting Options
  • Record a Meeting
  • Skype for Business: Mobile
  • Using Skype for Business
  • Introduction
  • First Steps
  • Document Library – First Steps
  • Document Library – Set and Manage Alerts
  • Document Library – Understanding Versioning
  • Sync Libraries
  • Share a Site
  • Picture Library
  • Lists
  • Calendar
  • Tasks
  • Discussion Board
  • Introduction
  • Open a PowerPoint Online Presentation
  • Edit a Presentation Online
  • Limitations of PowerPoint Online
  • Create a Presentation with PowerPoint Online
  • Working with the PowerPoint App
  • Introduction
  • Open and Edit a Word Document Online
  • Limitations of Word Online
  • Create a New Document
  • Edit a Document Simultaneously
  • Working with the Word App
  • Introduction
  • Open and Edit an Excel Online Workbook
  • Limitations of Excel Online
  • Create a New Workbook with Excel Online
  • Edit a Workbook Simultaneously with another Person
  • Working with the Excel App
  • Introduction
  • OneNote
  • Use Forms to Create and Conduct Surveys
  • Use Forms to Create and Conduct Quizzes
  • Introduction
  • First Steps
  • Working with Groups
  • Instant Messaging
  • External Groups
  • Introduction
  • First Steps in Delve
  • People
  • Boards
  • Introduction
  • Create your first Sway
  • Share your Sway Presentation
  • Introduction
  • Open a Video
  • Search for a Video
  • Upload a Video
  • Office 365 Mobile – Video
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