Course Introduction:

Officer managers and administrators are expected to possess and utilize a wide range of skill sets– day-to-day operations, scheduling, task delegation, time management, communications skills and customer service and more, conducive to a productive work atmosphere.

The Office Management and Administration course is an advanced office administration training designed to offer professionals with the necessary skills to excel as star administrators across different sectors. The course consists of comprehensive modules and applies a practical approach to enable participants to master the techniques of running office/organization operations smoothly.

Course Objectives:

  • Redefine the role and responsibilities of a star office admin
  • Manage admin team and delegate tasks properly
  • Utilize time management techniques to increase productivity
  • Improve communication skills for clear correspondence
  • Manage time effectively to adhere to task deadlines
  • Collaborate efficiently with different departments
  • Schedule and manage calendars – meeting, events and appointments
  • Understand the organization’s policies and procedures
  • Develop a service mindset and manage internal and external customers
  • Answer telephone calls professionally
  • Receiving visitors properly and professionally


Course Modules:

Module 1 – Role and responsibilities of an office administrator/manager

Module 2 – Reception and front desk management

Module 3 – Prioritize tasks as per urgency

Module 4 – Develop a service attitude

Module 5 – Calendar management

Module 6 – Documentation and record management

Module 7 – Time management

Module 8 – Organization skills

Module 9 – Communication and correspondence

Module 10 – Oversee supplier management and office supplies