This is an awareness program which covers different aspects of World Class examples as to how to achieve Excellence in an organization. It’s either BEST or NOTHING.
Objectives for Achieving Operational Excellence (OPEX) using different Quality Tools:
  • Understanding of what Operational Excellence is
  • Sharing OPEX Model and its tools
  • Benefits to companies to be the best in class. Sharing world best in class practices for
  • benchmarking
  • How to be a leader and not a follower
  • Understanding the value of cross functional process mapping
  • What is process mapping and how to take the project under way
  • Learn the critical tools used in mapping
  • Learn to identify wastes and thus improve the process
  • Learn the benefits of CELL and Continuous Processing
  • Learn to draw “Current State Map”
  • Learn how to evaluate map for defects and long lead times
  • Practice on creating “Future State Map”
  • Practice setting up the objectives and also learn how to establish performance
  • management (KPI’s)