Perfect Training Atmosphere to get Six Sigma Belt Certification

The importance of a disciplined, data-driven approach to achieve near-perfect products - called Six Sigma, has gained lots of importance over the past two decades. It has maintained its dominance over all other quality improvement techniques because of the flexibility that it offers. Companies across diverse industries all over the world opt to hire Six Sigma Belts - the Six Sigma certified professionals. There are numerous candidates who want to get Six Sigma certified. This article provides ample info to such people.

Two different Six Sigma trainings
There are two different Six Sigma training sessions available from the International Quality Federation (IQF). These include the Six Sigma Green Belt training and the Six Sigma Black Belt (SSBB).
Six Sigma Green Belts
These professionals have a good knowledge of the Six Sigma processes and tools required. They take part in quality-improvement projects. Also, they assess and solve issues pertaining to quality related matters within the organization. Green belt projects and green belt teams are led by them. The Six Sigma Black Belt directly supervises them while they work on collecting and examining data for Black Belt projects. Thus, they are the organization’s worker bees.
Six Sigma Black Belts
The Six Sigma Black Belts are knowledgeable in Six Sigma methodologies and team dynamics. They are involved in assigning roles and responsibilities to their team members, in directing and supervising the activities of the green belts, and in conveying and implementing modifications to eliminate deviations from quality standards. Thus they work as agents of change in their organization, and enhance its overall quality and profitability.
The Perfect Training Atmosphere to Get These Certifications
Blue Ocean Academy, a highly esteemed training institute in the UAE, provides training for both the Six Sigma certifications offered by the IQF. Its world-class training for these certifications brings in several experts from diverse industries to the classroom.
Six Sigma Certification benefits for the Individuals
Professionals of Six Sigma -
  • Earn higher wages than their counterparts.

  • Exhibit increased skills and abilities.

  • Enjoy career growth and advancement.

  • They are highly valued in their organization.

  • They possess industry wide knowledge.

  • They have theoretical know-how in quality methods and principles.

Six Sigma Certification benefits for the organization
Now-a-days, it is a renowned practice for companies to provide Six Sigma training to their employees.  These certifications, which are universally applicable across all industries, save cost and provide them with tangible benefits. The Six Sigma approach not only helps eliminate defects from their business process, but also helps in accurate decision-making. This is because the approach also helps in identifying the most urgent issues faced in the company, recognizing how to resolve issues, finding new troubleshooting approaches, deciding the right way to go forward, and implementing changes in the company’s infrastructure to gain the best possible results. We invite interested candidates to avail training for Six Sigma certifications from the Blue Ocean Academy. Register today for Six Sigma certification and training:

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