Being able to present well is one of the most important communication skills in the business world today. It can be a vital link between business and opportunity. Everyday millions of people present all over the world and companies project their image and reputation through these presentations. Therefore, how we conduct presentations will bring success to the organization on the whole. This program is designed specially to help participants plan, prepare and deliver their presentations effectively.
Program Outline

Elements of Great Presentation.

Developing great CONTENT

  • Analyzing your audience
  • Gathering relevant data & information
  • Converting information into an outline

Preparing great DESIGN

  • Layout
  • Consistency
  • Color

Conducting great DELIVERY

  • Voice
  • Language usage
  • Movement
  • Body language

How to handle tough situations Dealing with disasters Planning for the questions There will be video recording on the first day with the presentations (Pre-work). Then the participants will come back with the same topic but with all the learning’s incorporated. Copies of the videos (before & after) will be given to the participants.

Objectives/ Outcomes of program
  • Present information, thoughts & ideas confidently and persuasively to an individual or to a group of listeners.
  • A realistic approach to business communication and presentations which enhances the participants’ control of the situation.
  • This ensures that meeting and presentation objectives are clear and consistently met.
  • Greater flexibility to adapt to a broad range of roles, objectives and audience ensuring delivery of only relevant information that will achieve desired business objectives.
  • A well-structured, timesaving and confident approach to planning, organizing and delivering presentations.
Target Audience:
  • This is an open program for all