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Professional Secretarial & Administrative Skills Training Course

Professional Secretarial & Administrative Skills training course

Professional Secretarial & Administrative Skills training course

Who Should Attend?

Those employees who perform the tasks within a secretarial or administrative position, who want to improve their skills, or those who are new to, or about to be appointed to, such a key administrative position.

Course Objectives

  • To understand the importance of effective administration skills within an organization
  • To develop the skills needed to be a highly professional secretary
  • To enhance your communication and interpersonal skills, both written and face-to-face
  • To manage your time efficiently and be able to think proactively
  • To learn how to set up and manage effective filing systems
  • To learn how to manage petty cash systems
  • To understand how to manage stock and stationery supplies
  • To enhance telephone skills and understand correct telephone etiquette
  • To understand how to be assertive and build a good rapport with your manager

Programme Content


  • Your Secretarial And Administrative Role
    > Responsibilities
    > Skills
    > Qualities
  • Developing An Appropriate Professional Image
    > Professional Appearance In The Gulf Region
    > Timekeeping And Punctuality
    > Introduction To Office Ethics
  • Stress
    > Identifying Stress
    > ‘Stress-Busting Techniques’
    > Activities To Practise ‘Stress-Busting Techniques’
  • Communication
    > Body Language, Words, And Tone Of Voice
    > Active Listening
    > Questioning For Clarity
  • Effective Written Business Communication
    > Correct Layout Of Letters And Emails
    > Correct Use Of Salutations
    > Basic Business English Punctuation And Grammar
  • Telephone Skills
    > How To Deal With Callers Professionally And Effectively
    > Telephone Etiquette
    > The ‘Do’s And ‘Don’ts’ Of Answering The Telephone


  • Saying ‘No’ Constructively And Giving Alternatives
  • How To Effectively Handle Your Manager
  • Prioritising Tasks
    > Urgency And Importance
    > ‘ABC’ Method
  • Managing Your Key Result Areas And Tasks
  • Creating Effective Filing Systems
    > Identifying Different Methods Of Filing And Selecting The Best One
    > How To Ensure The Effectiveness Of Your Filing Systems
  • Basic Finance
    > Understanding And Managing Petty Cash Systems
  • Basic Stock Control And Stationery
    > Managing Stationery Supplies And Stock
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