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Project Management Professional in Procurement and Contracting – PMPPC

Apply benefits of Project Management to conquer challenges in global procurement and contracting landscape with PMPPC

Want to ensure the timely and proper completion of your procurement project before contract expires? Enroll in the Project Management Professional in Procurement and Contracting (PMPPC) programme, exclusively designed for professionals looking for major upskilling in the procurement and contract management domain.  The core objective of this certification is to apply project management tools to ensure success in procurement and contracting process.


How will you benefit?                                                                                                

  • Apply advanced procurement planning strategies
  • Differentiate between global and domestic negotiations
  • Identify global trading barriers
  • Implement different acquisition methods
  • Analyze various procurement methods
  • Master international trade documentation

Who is it designed for?

If you deal in any of the following, PMPPC is the right choice for you:

  • Preparation of Procurement inquiry documents.
  • Formal bid evaluations.
  • Preparing contracts for execution.
  • Evaluate and negotiate contracts with vendors
  • Implementation or amendment of contracts as appropriate
  • Developing plans for the acquisition of goods, services, and equipment.
  • Maintaining accurate records of purchases and prices and managing inventory.
  • Investigating and assessing potential suppliers.
  • Preparing budgets, cost analyses, and reports.

How is it relevant to Procurement?

  • Incorporates the key techniques and approaches needed to be an efficient project manager in procurement and contracting processes.
  • Integrates feasible steps involved in the prompt completion of the processes through advanced procurement planning strategies
  • Elevates organizational operations
  • Imparts an in-depth understanding of contract solicitation, evaluation, and processes.
  • Identify, assess, classify, score, and manage key contractual risks
  • Identify ways of dealing with performance failures
  • Evaluate dispute resolution mechanisms and deploy the right method when disputes arise.
  • Ensures the project needs have been met before the contract is closed and retired.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: An Introduction to Project Procurement and Contracting Management
  • Module 2: The Role of a Project Management Professional
  • Module 3: Planning Project Procurement and Contracting Management
  • Module 4: Conducting Project Procurement and Contracting
  • Module 5: Controlling Project Procurement and Contracting
  • Module 6: Closing Out Project Procurement and Contracting
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