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Resilient Supply Chains for Managing Uncertainties

Welcome To Supply Chain Webinar

The world today is full of uncertainties and there are risks associated with many of these uncertainties. Supply chains, mostly global in nature, are exposed to these risks and any disruption may lead to serious repercussions. Modern supply chains should be designed to be resilient enough to cope with these uncertainties and associated risks.

This webinar will help you to understand :

  • The uncertainties and risks in modern supply chains
  • Impact on supply chains
  • Resilience of supply chains
  • Agility
  • Designing supply chains for business continuity

  • Forum :Supply Chain Forum
  • Seminar :Supply Chain Seminar
  • Topic :Resilient Supply Chains for Managing Uncertainties
  • Date :25th April,2020
  • Time :6.00 – 7.30pm
  • Phone : +971 5458 156 15
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