The retail industry offers a variety of interesting and rewarding careers including ‘front-line’ careers such as Store Managers and sales personnel as well as `behind the scenes’ jobs in buying, merchandising, marketing, market research, store location and Supply Chain Management.
Retail being as lucrative as it is, more and more professionals are opting for highly-paid jobs in this industry. The Retail Management program has been designed to produce professionals with a sound understanding of modern retailing and the skills necessary for a career in retailing.

This professional course will match the expanding needs of the retail industry in the Middle East, India and the Northern Africa region. For those interested in an in-depth knowledge and understanding of Retailing, this is an excellent opportunity to learn and hone their skills.

International retail trends will be analysed and the latest educational tools utilized to give students valuable insight and hands-on training in the word of Retail Management and the lucrative careers that they can build on from there.

Blue Ocean Academy in conjunction with American Certification Institute (ACI) is offering Retail Training Courses in Doha Qatar, the very best training and certification program with industry focus, well-structured course material and internationally experienced trainers.

This is the first-ever comprehensive course covering different aspects of Retail Management. New state-of-the-art teaching methods are being deployed where professionals / students can enhance their skills in a conducive and discerning environment

Retail Course Objectives

The overall aim of the program is to provide students with a high level of knowledge and understanding of the concepts and processes involved in retailing and to equip the learners with the necessary practical, research and analytical skills necessary for a professional career.

The objectives of the CRMP are:

  • To develop knowledge of contemporary retail management issues at the strategic level.
  • To describe and analyze the way retailing works, specifically the key activities and relation ships.
  • To provide an academic interpretation to the retail process, by applying theory and research.
  • To develop knowledge of contemporary retail management issues at the store level.
  • To describe and analyze the role of Artificial Intelligence on the way retailing works, specifically the key activities and relationships.
  • Adapt to different types of customers.
  • The importance of Complete Solution and role of Add value to relationships with customers.
  • Offer tactics to respond to sales objections.
  • Describe the ways to deliver effective presentations & cross selling techniques vs. Up-selling
  • To provide an academic interpretation to the retail process, by applying theory and research.
  • Transform your sales and grow the bottom line.

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Trainer Profile

Percy Engineer

Percy passionately believes that training sessions should be participative, challenging, thought-provoking, intensive and enjoyable. Using a participatory approach and consultative training style, he puts students at ease while honing their skills and teaching them to put their learning to practical use.


  • Winner of ‘TOP GUN’ from BEST BUY Canada for continued excellence in driving and maintaining business process while leveraging sales in all categories.
  • 7 Times Award Winner as World’s “Best Sales Performance” from RICOH Japan and RICOH Europe


  • An experienced professional in the field of Retail & Institutional Sales. Presently engaged with Training & Coaching individuals and corporate’s for over 7 years in Retail Selling Skills, Purchasing & Customer Service.
  • Over 9 years of experience in Retail Operations with multinational companies in Middle East & Canada
  • 13 years of experience in Institutional Sales form the Office Automation industry
  • Having worked across a wide cross-section of industries have enhanced my business skills and can adapt them to the requirements of different companies and operating cultures. Have successfully operated in fast-paced, diversified and geographically dispersed organizations in Dubai,Canada & India. Partnered with top management to plan and achieve the strategic objectives of the organization


  • Retail Operations & Business Process
  • Coach for Retail Excellence ;
  • Retail Management Skills
  • Consultative Selling Skills ,
  • Leadership Training
  • Purchasing & Supply Chain Management
  • Project Management