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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Course in Dubai-Abudhabi-UAE

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification is a highly sought-after and rewarding certification in quality management. The skills and recognition that come with this training will help you move into leadership or management positions. Black belt professionals have a deeper level understanding of lean principles, tools and techniques, and DMAIC methodology. They can easily identify the non-value-added activities in the process and implement specific tools to rectify it.

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification course is the final step of the Lean Six Sigma Journey. Aa a Black Belt, you will be engaged in large scale transformation projects, company-wide changemanagement programs. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course has a comprehensive curriculum that covers the American Certification Institute (ACI) USA Body of Knowledge (BoK).

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Modules

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt has a comprehensive curriculum that covers the American Certification Institute (ACI) USA Body of Knowledge (BoK). The time required to complete this course is 28 Hours (Breaks not included).

Module I – Introduction to Statistics and Estimation

  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Measures of Central Tendency & Dispersion
  • Types of Variation
  • Normal Distribution
  • Characteristics of Normal Distribution
  • Control Limits and Specification Limits
  • Normal Distribution versus Standard Normal Distribution
  • Areas and Probabilities in a Normal Curve
  • Probabilities of Defects – Intro to Z – Value
  • Empirical Cumulative Distribution Function
  • Estimation – Graphical Summary
  • Confidence Interval and Confidence Level
  • Calculate Baseline Performance: FPY, TPY, RTPY, Process Capability


Module II – Data Visualisation Tools

  • Normal Probability Plot
  • Visualising Data with Single Variable
  • Histogram
  • Box Plot
  • Pie Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Visualising Data with two Variables
  • Scatterplot
  • Box Plot with Groups
  • Transposed Box Plot
  • Stacked Bar Graph


Module III – Hypothesis Testing

  • Root Cause Validation using Statistical Thinking
  • Introduction to Hypothesis Testing
  • Understanding Null/ Alternate Hypothesis & p-Value
  • Steps to perform Hypothesis Testing
  • Types of Hypothesis Tests & Process
    • 1 Sample z- Test
    • 1 Sample t-Test
    • ANNOVA
    • 2 – Sample T Test
    • Kruskal Wallis Test
    • Linear Regression
    • Logistic Regression
    • Chi-Square Analysis
  • Overview of Design of Experiments


Module IV – Control Charts

  • Introduction to Statistical Process Control
  • Common Cause versus Special Cause
  • Components of a Control Chart
  • Rational Sub-Grouping
  • Tests in Control Charts
  • Types of Control Charts
  • I-MR Chart
  • X-Bar R Chart
  • X-Bar S Chart
  • P Chart
  • NP Chart
  • U Chart
  • C Chart


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