Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training Dubai | Blue Ocean Academy
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Gain advance knowledge about 6 Sigma and its application in different industries. A methodology that has changed the world. See your organization from the eyes of the customers.
Program Outline
  • Introduction to 6 Sigma YELLOW BELT
  • Difference between LEAN and 6 Sigma
  • DMAIC Model
  • Which organization needs 6 Sigma?
  • Quotes from Sigma Guru’s
  • Continuous vs. Continual improvement
  • What is Quality?
  • Different Charts for Data analysis
    • Run charts
    • Pareto charts
    • Fishbone
    • Control charts
  • Case Studies
  • 6 Sigma Calculation
  • Drawing & Calculating Control Charts
  • Operational Excellence Model
  • What is Value Stream Mapping
  • Difference between VALUS & WASTE
  • Kinds of Wastes and their impact
  • Current State mapping
  • KPI’s
  • SLA’s and TAT’s
  • 5S
  • Kaizen
  • More 6 Sigma tools
    • TAKT Time
    • Continuous Flow
    • Cell Design
    • Line Balancing
    • Visual Control
  • Exercise – Draw your Current State Map. Live Project
  • DRAFT of Future State Map
Objectives/ Outcomes of program

The objective of this program will be to help participants to:

  • Learn the concept of 6 Sigma
  • Understanding 6 Sigma tools and concepts
  • Hands on practice of Value Stream Mapping
  • Learn the difference between DMAIC and DFSS applications
  • Understand different control charts to monitor the process
  • Drawing control charts and exercises
  • Hands on simulation for clarity of concepts.
Target Audience:
  • Senior Managers/Managers from all functions, Supervisors, Trainers.