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Solution Selling- unleashing the magic of Psychology in convincing buyers

Welcome To Sales Webinar

Attend our Sales Webinar to boost your organization’s performance in tough times. The webinar that focuses on the topic, ‘Solution Selling- Unleashing the magic of Psychology in convincing buyers’ will throw light on the psychological models to persuade the customers for better results. Training is the crucial element in business during a crisis that can improve the financial health of your organization, bolster up the morale of your team, and increase their productivity.

Webinar highlights
  • Gain customer confidence
  • Increase your Revenue
  • Get great referrals- even in these challenging times
  • Value Selling
  • Sales-Closing skills
  • Differentiate your business development
  • Build psychological engagement with customers
  • Strengthen customer relationship and repeat sales
  • Build inner confidence while selling

The highly interactive webinar will be facilitated by an industry expert who will explore the tactics to convince the buyers despite the current challenges in the market. Solution selling is one of the most effective techniques that can boost your sales along with ensuring customer satisfaction. It will be beneficial for your sales team to gain customer confidence, get great referrals, and increase your revenue.


  • Forum :HR Forum
  • Seminar :Sales Seminar
  • Topic :Solution Selling- unleashing the magic of Psychology in convincing buyers.
  • Date :19th May 2020
  • Time :4.00 – 6.00pm (Dubai, UAE Time)
  • Phone : +971 5458 156 20
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