Who Should Attend?

The programme is designed for mid-level to upper-level executives, who play a strategic role in developing products and managing brands. Marketing and sales professionals, business owners, business development teams, and business unit managers, seeking strategic frameworks that drive corporate success, will also benefit from this highly regarded marketing course.

Course Objectives

  • To assess your organization’s current strategic marketing plan and identify barriers to achieving high performance
  • To use market analysis and feedback to gain a competitive advantage
  • To design and implement strategic and operational marketing plans that create sustainable customer value
  • To review the latest strategic marketing tools, emerging trends, and best practices
  • To learn a range of marketing control metrics to track success
  • To learn the importance of Digital Marketing as part of the overall Marketing Strategy

Programme Content


  • Introduction To Strategic Marketing
    > Strategic Versus Tactical Marketing
  • The Strategic Marketing Process
  • Situation Analysis
    > Internal Analysis
    > Competitor Analysis
    > Industry Analysis
    > Market Analysis
    > Customer Analysis
  • Market Segmentation
    > Needs-Based Market Segmentation
    > Customer Needs, Price, And Product Benefits
    > Segmentation Strategies
  • Sources Of Competitive Advantage
    > Cost Advantage
    > Differentiation Advantage
    > Product Advantage
    > Channel Advantage


  • Marketing Strategies
    > Brand Expansion Strategies
    > Product Positioning And Differentiation
    > Branding And Brand Management Strategies
    > Brand And Product Line Strategies
    > Pricing Strategies
  • Channel Marketing
    > Channel Value Proposition
    > Consumer And Business Channels
  • Marketing Communication
    > Marketing Communications In Social Media
    > Pull Vs Push Communications Strategies
  • Marketing Performance
    > Marketing Key Input Metrics
    > Customer Performance Metrics And Profitability
  • The Action Plan
    > Strategy And Business Alignment
    > The Tactical Plan