Welcome To Strategic Procurement Webinar

Are you a procurement professional or someone aspiring to land your dream career in procurement? This session is something you shouldn’t miss out on. In today’s fast-paced business landscape, effective procurement is not just about the timely acquisition and distribution of goods and services, instead, it is more about the strategic practices that help your organization thrive and survive in the long run.

Imagine how wonderful it will be to see your strategic decisions turning the financial stagnation of your organization into newfound stability. But how is that possible? That is where the importance of strategic procurement comes into the frame.

Strategic Procurement is a process where systematic assessment of procurement needs, negotiation and long-term planning takes place. It primarily focuses on achieving organizational goals including cost reduction, risk mitigation and supplier relationship development.


Webinar Highlights:

From discovering suppliers that align with the organizational policies to reducing the maverick spending and handling and minimizing the procurement risks, everything falls under the strategic procurement goals.

In this session, you will receive a well-rounded knowledge about different aspects of strategic procurement which will help you enhance performance efficiency leading to organizational success in the long run.

  • Strategic procurement and its core principles
  • How strategic procurement helps in risk mitigation
  • Strategic sourcing and category management
  • Importance of procurement strategy creation
  • Benefits of strategic procurement in terms of bottom-line improvement
  • Forum :Procurement Forum
  • Seminar :Procurement Webinar
  • Topic :Strategic Procurement
  • Date :11th November 2023
  • Time :7.00 PM – 8.30 PM (Dubai, UAE Time)
  • Speaker :Manoj
  • Phone :+971 54 5815 618

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