Harnessing a team of individuals with diverse traits and developing them to confluence towards a common goal is what makes you a people’s manager. This workshop empowers you to lead.

Polish your supervisory skills to effectively achieve team efficiency


  • To provide supervisors with the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviors to increase their effectiveness in their current roles
  • To equip supervisors with the managerial skills necessary for them to adapt to changing demands
  • To improve succession planning to enable managers to fulfill their potential within the company
  • Understand how to structure supervision to meet your own and your employees’ needs and build a productive relationship
  • Understand the different and interrelated nature of supervision, coaching and feedback
  • Explore common supervision problems and dilemmas and practice their resolution


  • Personality Style Assessment:
  • Delegation:
  • Managing Time:
  • Conflict Management:
  • Coaching and Feedback
  • Developing people
  • Communication
  • Leadership