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Leadership Training Dubai

Leadership has been and always will be the most valuable asset on earth. Without it, no amount of money, resources or talent will ever achieve sustainable success for any organization. But with it, all other odds and obstacles can be overcome. Leadership is what moves us from point A to point B; leadership is what makes each of us all that we have the potential to be. Leadership is what gives us hope for a better tomorrow. No one ever said it was easy.
The objective of this program will be to help participants to:
  • Know the definition of who is a leader, leadership, and management director
  • Knowledge of leadership styles
  • Knowledge of advanced functions and positions of leadership in institutions
  • Know what the motivation process and its positive impact on the productivity and efficiency
  • Identify the different theories and methods for stimulating
  • Knowledge of the qualities that must be available in the leader or manager for the success of the process of stimulus
  • Knowledge of the role of the leader in achieving the desired balance in the stimulus
  • Knowledge of the importance of the delegation of authority and responsibilities of workers and to whom and how is the mandate
  • The benefits and constraints of the delegation of authority, responsibilities and problems that may be encountered
  • Learn strategies and conditions for the delegation of authority
  • Knowledge of methods and communication skills that follow in the institutions and bodies
  • Know the importance of communication to be effective and its impact on performance
  • Knowledge of obstacles to communication between individuals and institutions
  • Knowledge of different skills and techniques to manage and organize time and increase the effectiveness of programs designed
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