The Benefits of Becoming a Certified Management Accountant


Offered by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), the Certified Management Accountant Certification Training (CMA) is an advanced professional certification which imparts you with critical financial management and accounting skills required in today’s dynamic business world. Fresh graduates who aim to become Management Accountants, non-finance professionals who want to get a grasp of financial planning and analysis, and accounts who would like to shift from book-keeping to more financially rewarding and exciting roles should take up the CMA training program. Here are the benefits of taking up the course.

Global Recognition

For over 40 years no, the CMA certification has been the global benchmark for financial professionals and management accountants. This is because Certified Management Accountants can explain not only the “what’ behind numbers, but also the “why”. And, this gives them a greater credibility.

Higher pay

Certified Management Accountants earn 28% higher salary than noncertified professionals in the US. It is a fact that a 22-year-old CMA could make $500,000 additional earnings in his lifetime. Thus, getting enrolled into CMA is an investment which pays off lifetime dividends.

Value Addition

Successfully completing the CMA helps one to think strategically, apply work experience, and convert data into dialogue. This helps him to close the skills gap and get a competitive edge in the market. When companies choose to enroll their staff for this program, it adds value to their organization.

Career Success

The CMA certification helps one to enter a more successful business career. It opens up more opportunities, closes skills gaps, builds confidence, and enables them to tap into a network of 85,000 professionals world-wide.

Knowledge and Skills

The CMA certification recognizes that you have the necessary knowledge and skill-sets in areas like financial planning, control, analysis, professional ethics, and decision support.

Job Opportunities

Till date, more than 50,000 Certified Management Accountants exist in more than 100 countries. These professionals work in organizations of all types, industries, and sizes. They are employed in public and private enterprises, manufacturing and services, NGOs, government entities, academic institutions, and multinational corporations.

Professional Designation

After successfully completing the CMA program, you are granted the designation of CMA. This designation can be used just like those professions employed in accounting, law, medicine, insurance, and other professions use it. The acronym or the full form can be written after your name on your business cards, stationery, letter pads, etc.

So, we encourage you to get enrolled in CMA course offered by the IMA to enjoy its benefits.

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