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The Essentials Of Digital Marketing Courses

the essentials of digital marketing course

Who Should Attend?

Essentials Of Digital Marketing courses, this online program is targeted at anyone looking to gain the expertise and knowledge to develop an effective, and sustainable Digital Marketing strategy for their organization or clients.

Introduction of Digital Marketing Courses

Virtual selling has today become the norm in many established global markets. Digital marketing has grown significantly, because even when life returns to relative normalcy, customers will continue to buy online, adhering to a habit they have adopted during their COVID-19 experience.

Essentials Of Digital Marketing Course Objectives

  • To leverage digital marketing skills as a business continuity plan
  • To know how to define the ‘new customer needs’ to create the best possible customer experience
  • To understand the digital planning process, and formulate an effective strategy
  • To learn the different types of digital marketing, and understand which digital marketing metrics can support your marketing objectives

Program Content


  • Digital Marketing And COVID-19
    > Digital Transformation
    > The Digital Marketing Framework
    > The Post-Pandemic World
  • The Digital Audience
    > The New Customer Needs
    > The Buyer Persona
    > The Digital Customer Journey


  • Building An Effective Digital Marketing Strategy
    > Situation Analysis
    > Digital Marketing Objectives
    > Digital Marketing Tactics And KPIs
  • Digital Marketing Platforms
    > Owned Media, Paid Media, And Earned Media
    > Digital Marketing Channels
    > Content Management

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