Why Become a Certified Human Resource Manager?


The Certified Human Resource Manager which is abbreviated as CHRM, is a training and certification course offered by the American Certification Institute (ACI), USA. This advanced course in human resource management has been designed for seasoned HR managers and professionals. It addresses the issues faced in their endeavors to add innovation and value to their HR functions within their organizations. This article discusses the benefits which can be enjoyed by those in the HR management field by taking up the course.

Knowledge and skills gain

The CHRM certification from the ACI imparts knowledge on and skills pertaining to the managerial facets of HR, including Developing HR Policies and Procedures, Effective Performance Appraisals, Strategically aligned HR, Job Analysis and Job Descriptions, Budgeting in HR, HR Audit, Manpower Planning, ROI on Training, and Establishing Effective Pay Plans. These help HRs carry the hiring process tactfully, from designing a skills inventory to holding the interview; and successfully deal with issues arising after hiring (like compensation, diversity issue, discipline, etc.

Better job opportunities

Today, most of the roles concerning administration and HR call for superior qualification and knowledge which can enable professionals to execute procedure and policies in alignment with the objectives of the organization. The CHRM program equips individuals to tactfully handle challenges faced in the human resource management function; and accurately aids them to achieve their organization’s objective. So, they have better job opportunities at their disposal.

Higher pay

The CHRP certification earns a quick recognition for them in the field of human resource management, and helps them to get a better job. And better job obviously means better earning too! Forty eight percent higher wages are earned by certified individuals than their un-certified counterparts, say studies. The Human Resources Professional Association and PayScale, Inc. conducted a survey in this regard, and found that CHRP professionals earned 13% higher salaries than their un-certified colleagues.

Professional designation

Upon completing the necessities for the course, you are entitled to use the designation after your name just the way similar designations are used in professions like medicine, accounting, engineering, law, agriculture, etc. You can either use the initials alone (CHRM) or the complete expression of it (Certified Human Resource Manager) after your name on your stationery, business cards, letter pads, etc.

Commitment demonstrated

A CHRM certification approves your knowledge in HR management, endorses your dedication to career improvement, and acknowledges your workplace readiness. It also showcases your newly gained knowledge, training and skills to your current and future employees.

So, go ahead, get enrolled in the CHRM course program offered by the Blue Ocean Academy, complete the course successfully, get certified, and enjoy all the above discussed benefits.


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