Course Introduction:

Policies and procedures are a vital part of every organization. Policies and procedures are essential to streamlining internal procedures, ensuring rules and regulations are followed, and offering ideas for making decisions. Effective policies and procedures are a must for enterprises to maintain compliance and operate smoothly.

The Writing Effective Policies & Procedures is aimed at offering a strategic guide to drafting effective and purposeful policies and procedures keeping in mind the organizational code of conduct and necessary regulations. It also educates learners on the importance of enforcing, reviewing and revising policies.

Writing Effective Policies & Procedures Training course

 Course Objectives:

  • Understand the role of policies and procedures in organizational management
  • Assess every policy documentation appropriately
  • Understand the structure of policies
  • Grow skills to frame clear and effective policies and procedures
  • Different types of organizational policies
  • Understand challenges related to policy making
  • What are the benefits of implementing policies and procedures
  • Create fully compliant procedures and demonstrate the effects of non-compliance


Course Modules:

Module 1 -Introduction to importance of policy and procedure

Module 2 – Mind mapping policy structure and creating framework

Module 3 – Common errors – how to avoid them

Module 4 – Documenting policy and procedure with full clarity

Module 5 – Policy reviews, feedback and revision

Module 6 – Ethical and legal conduct

Module 7 – Implementing policy and procedure

Module 8 – Real life scenarios and case studies

Module 9 – Understanding connection between policy and governance

Module 10 – Policy and procedure management best practices