3rd International Procurement and Supply Chain Conference


3rd International Procurement & Supply Chain Conference

Be in the limelight and showcase your expertise.

02 - 24 - 2016


3rd International Procurement & Supply Chain Conference

Blue Ocean, the region's largest knowledge empowerment enterprise, presents its 3rd International Procurement & Supply Chain Conference 2016 - an annual gathering of eminent logistics and supply chain experts who think globally but act locally. UAE is fast becoming the logistics hub of the world, vying with Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Manchester for top honors. What the country needs today is a new generation of logistics leaders: dynamic, skillful. innovative and tech-savvy who can effectively bridge the existing gap between knowledge and infrastructure in the region. Excellence in Supply Chain means moving beyond costs and creating better products with minimal damage to the environment. An integrated strategy to procurement and supply chains remains central to our theme this year.

  • Procurement and Supply Chain experts from all over the world will attend the conference, presenting papers, and sharing their knowledge and expertise.
  • A unique opportunity to be a part of a unique procurement & supply chain "think tank" who will set the agenda for future IPSC conferences and startups.
  • Excellent platform to learn, network, share expertise and win 2016 procurement leadership awards.
  • Enjoy the 'power lunch' on April 9, 2016 at the conference venue
  • Bask on media attention
The Opportunity
  • Initiate dialogue with the international procurement community
  • Be in the limelight and showcase your expertise
  • Meet, network and share
  • Showcase your products and services
  • Create high brand re-call
  • Networking and discussion
Registration Fee: 300 USD


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