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5 S Methodology – Increasing Efficiency in Workplace

A well-organized workplace is the foundation for the whole organization. This calls for doing away with adhoc approaches and adopting a disciplined approach to workplace management. The 5S methodology has been successful in achieving a clean and safe work environment, enhanced productivity and improved space utilization. Enhanced safety is a spin-off. This two-day workshop will familiarize you with the concepts of 5S methodologies and help you to improve overall efficiency of the workplace using this approach.

What Will Students Learn?

  • Understand the evolution of 5S methodology
  • Define and describe the 5S steps
  • Adopt a disciplined and structured approach to workplace management
  •  How to identify and eliminate safety hazards  using 5S
  • How to improve workplace efficiency using 5S methodology
  • Prepare for successful 5S implementation
  • How to sustain the benefits of 5S

What Topics are Covered?

  • Evolution of 5S
  • Objectives of 5S
  • Concepts of 5S
  • Benefits of 5S
  • The 5S methodology
  • The 6th S – Safety
  • The 5S deployment plan
  • Employee engagement for 5S

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