The Advance Management Skills TRAINING Program is a program designed to provide employees with the training and experience they require to become future business leaders.
Business is a dynamic world where we have to deal with dynamic people having unpredictable nature. To effectively be able to deal with them requires much practice and skills. Moreover, this program is bent towards providing those skills which would enable the participants to be able to manage their work and teams more efficiently and also groom themselves to take up higher responsibilities in the organization. The Advance Management Skills Training program also gives participants opportunities to gain practical management experience and learn valuable skills through different topics covered under this program as well. Our simple business model and mentorship certainly makes successful business results possible.
Program Outline
Day 1


  • Leadership motivation tools – find the passion to lead.
  • Authentic leadership – being the leader that people want to follow.
  • Ethical leadership – doing the right thing.
  • <a href=””> Dunham and Pierce’s Leadership Process Model</a> – Taking an Intelligent, Long-Term Approach to Leadership.
  • Understanding power.
  • Seven transformations of leadership.
  • Level five leadership.


  • What is the strategy?
  • Use core strategic tools to understand your business and its objectives.
  • Building a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Bringing together different aspects of strategic thinking.
  • Strategic prioritization & implementation.
Day 2


  • Understanding Communication.
  • Communication that supports action.
  • Difficult Communication Situations.
  • Problem solving approaches.
  • Improve business processes.
  • Understanding Conflict.
  • Resolving conflicts rationally and effectively.


  • Learn How to Be More Aware.
  • What Is Emotional Intelligence?
  • How to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence.
  • Building Emotional Intelligence.
Day 3


  • Techniques for motivation, reward & recognition
  • Employee Motivation for High Performance
  • Achieving results through understanding motivations and creating the right environment for motivating employees


  • Coaching others to achieve their own personal objectives and organizational strategic goals.
  • Coaching skills.
  • Managing performance: evaluating strengths and areas for development.
Day 4


  • Understanding Operational Excellence & the value of cross functional process mapping.
  • What is process mapping and how do we get the project under way?
  • Learn the critical tools used in mapping.
  • Learn to identify waste and thus improve the process.
  • Learn to draw “Current State Map”.
  • Learn how to evaluate maps for defects and long lead times.
  • Practice on creating “Future State Map”.
  • Practice setting up the objectives and also learn how to establish performance management (KPI’s).


  • Understanding Change.
  • Coping Up With Internal Change.
  • Making the Change Stick.
Objectives / Outcomes of the advance management skills training program
  • Understand their leadership style and how it impacts their teams.
  • Create a Personal Skill-Set that will set them apart.
  • Make decisions using Emotional Intelligence and rationality.
  • Communicate elegantly and effectively.
  • Build a high performance team.
  • Become a cost leader and work towards achieving the vision and mission of their organization.
  • Reduce deviations and maintain high quality service and productivity.
  • Encourage teams to make positive changes.
Target Audience:
  • This program will benefit anyone who manages people and would also like to inspire themselves and their teams to higher performance, in particular: Supervisors, team leaders, sales managers, <a href=””>HR professionals</a>, project managers, change managers, and also experienced managers.