ILM Leadership & Management Courses

Dubai : Blue Ocean, the region’s largest professional knowledge empowerment enterprise has forayed into leadership management training striking a strategic partnership with the prestigious Institute of Leadership Management (ILM), UK. The Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) is Europe’s leading management training organisation and is partnering with Blue Ocean to spark professionals, transforming them into innovative and skilled leaders. Blue Ocean students can now join the largest awarding body for leadership and management qualifications in the UK. Blue Ocean’s training for ILM certifications will be available at its public batches as well as corporate training programmes across the Middle East : UAE, Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman. “We would strongly encourage anyone in a position of leadership or management to consider taking an ILM qualification. By investing in management development, organisations can ensure that their leaders are confident in their abilities and able to lead employees through the challenging times ahead. Nurturing effiective leaders through management development is the single most cost-effective investment,” said Dr. Sathya Menon, Academic Director, Blue Ocean Academy. ILM-Blue Ocean certifications are designed to help managers increase staff efficiency and motivation, ensuring that their businesses run at an optimum level of productivity. Training courses are tailored to the needs of individual organisations and their managers. From industry-leading qualifications and membership services to specialist learning resources Blue Ocean- ILM products and services are built on in-depth research and benchmarked against best practice standards. Supporting a fast-growing community of practising leaders and managers, ILM’s membership services are designed to provide ongoing continuing professional development throughout every stage of a manager’s career. Backed by an in-depth programme of thought leadership research, ILM-Blue Ocean programmes are set to empower professionals by improving leadership and management skills, knowledge and outputs across all sectors, from corporate finance to the armed forces. (Ends)


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