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Blue Ocean Women Leadership Development

Women in Corporate: Breaking Glass Ceiling


March 8, 2020 | Crowne Plaza | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Let’s unite, evolve and transcend

empowHER is an endeavour to unite working women to discuss the barriers that hinder their career development and breaking the walls that lie in their way. The main highlight of the event is that it is planned and organized wholly by women for women. The sole aim of this non-profit event is to enable working women to ascend the corporate ladder without any hurdles.

Woven around the theme ‘Women in Corporate- Breaking the Glass Ceiling’, the workshop will throw light on the specific areas like leadership, health and business.

Conference Highlights

Top women professionals across the globe will attend the conference, present papers and share their expertise and experiences

Women will get connected to a network of high-profile holders who have significant expertise in specific industries

A platform for working women to speak, showcase their skills and empower each other

An outstanding opportunity for women to win awards for their relentless efforts in a specific field

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Key Topics

Blue Ocean Women Leadership Development (BOWLD)

Women in Leadership

Creating a league of her own

  • What are the challenges faced by women in Leadership roles?
  • Competencies in women that make them a great leader
  • Competence or confidence – what matters most?
  • Tips to overcome barriers
  • Strategies for improving performance and leading effectively

Women and Health

A Healthier Body, A Stronger Mind

  • Finding the right balance of work and health
  • Happiness : The highest form of health
  • Importance of physical health for work
  • Good food : Good Vibes
  • Supporting mental health at work
  • Emotional intelligence at work

Women in Entrepreneurship

Carving her way to success

  • Women entrepreneurs – Reshaping the corporate world
  • Opportunities and challenges faced
  • Facing old fashioned/predominant mind sets and biases

Women Today

Challenging Stereotypes

  • Women challenging gender stereotypes in different fields
  • Defy or conform to the stereotypes
  • Strategies to change the old mind-set and raising awareness among women

Panel Discussion

Does a Glass Ceiling Really exist in Corporate World?
  • The concept of glass ceiling
  • Is the glass ceiling self-created or self-perceived?
  • If glass ceiling exists, is it explicit or subtle?
  • Why are there fewer women in the executive roles
  • Do women earn less compared to men?
  • Do women need to put twice the effort of their male colleagues to reach the top?
  • What is glass cliff?
  • Strategies to break the glass ceiling


Work and Life Balance: Juggling balls in the air
  • Do women glorify motherhood?
  • Why work-life balance doesn’t work for many women?
  • Do working moms make good mothers? Does it affect child development?
  • Is raising the kid & handling home the sole responsibility of mother?
  • Why do we use the word working moms? Why not working dads?
  • Boys need to be taught of equality at an early age
  • Why women are often judged/ why do they need to often prove themselves at work and home?

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Join us at:

Crowne Plaza Hotel,
Sheikh Zayed Road.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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