Certification in Change Management

Dealing with change and its impact is very essential for any organization. There are many professionals who are specialized in guiding organizations through change. But how are the best distinguished from them? It’s very simple. They stand out from the crowd because of their credential! Certification in change management which validates your knowledge, expertise and experience; and proves your ability to successfully lead individuals and organizations through change. Obtaining this certification also demonstrates that you have invested in your ongoing career development, and that you can apply your experience to effectively respond to any change management situation. Who should attend this program? Delegates of this certification program usually are:
  • Change leaders
  • Project team members
  • Project managers
  • Continuous improvement specialists
  • Change management practitioners
  • Human Resource business partners
  • IT professionals
  • Organizational Development professionals
What are taught under this training program? This two-day program outlines subjects including change management introduction, EQUATION of change, three phases of change, simulation, international case studies, causes of resistance, and four basic situations for change. What are the outcomes of the Certified Change Management program?
  • You will get to understand the basics of change.
  • You will get to know why change is painful.
  • You will understand the sensitivity of change.
  • You get to know how different organizations got through change successfully via case studies.
  • You will be aligned with the international standards in Change Management.
  • Your commitment to professional development in Change Management will be confirmed.
  • Your knowledge and experience to my colleagues and the market will be acknowledged.
  • Your career prospects will be improved, and you will gain an edge in competitive situations.
How do organizations benefit Change Management strategies employed by these professionals? Organizations become better equipped to plan and manage the change. Thus, it can promptly respond to the customer demands; comes up with opportunities for developing best practices; lowers the change-associated risks; aligns the existing resources of the organization; helps predict hardships and create plans to deal with those; and makes employees more knowledgeable and confident. All these serve in keeping up the spirit of the employees and the customers, and thus in the company’s overall progress. Now that you have got to know the advantages of taking up the Certification in Change Management course, it is recommended that you enroll in for that in a reputed organization. All the best with that! Register today for Certification in change management visit : https://www.blueoceanacademy.com/change-management-2/

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