CSFFP Certification

Certification in Shipping and Freight Forwarding Businesses that export products have to overcome numerous barriers in shipping the product to the end customer. In such cases specialists called freight forwarders, who know how to manage these obstacles, come of great help. Freight forwarding services act as an intermediary between their client and the different transportation services involved in shipping the product to the customer overseas. The freight forwarder deals with numerous export and import issues involved in the transport of the goods; and gets the product to the customer by the date specified and in a perfect condition. This service provides the client with insurance services to reimburse for the damaged items, if any. It also takes care of the documentation necessary for the shipment of a product overseas.

CSFFP training and certification
The American Certification Institute (ACI), USA, brings the CSFFP Certification Course to train people involved in freight forwarding, as most of these individuals have not received any formal training. Certification in Shipping and Freight Forwarding  is an 8-week training  course which trains delegates on the latest trends in international trade and equips them to handle new challenges in the profession. By taking up this course, professionals involved in export-import management, shipping, as well as international trade can gain a competitive edge. Therefore, previously untrained executives, officers, and senior managers can enroll in the course to sharpen their skills.
Objectives of CSFFP Certification
Despite the millions of emerging job opportunities in Export-Import Management/International Trading, numerous conglomerates and multinationals find it difficult to find the right candidates for prime roles. To serve this training and certification need, the CSFFP course has been designed by the ACI. The CSFFP certification strives to equip candidates with the necessary techniques for performing cross-border trading operations successfully. Thus, through taking up this course a new genre of dynamic international trade professionals will arise. They will be highly knowledgeable in the latest trends, and will also be able to overcome new challenges that are presented in the field.
CSFFP Course Curriculum
The CSFFP course  curriculum includes the applied and theoretical dimensions of export-import, shipping, and international trade. Concepts pertaining to international trade; letter of credit; INCO terms; containerization, ports operations, shipping and logistics; shipping documentation; shipping law and marine insurance; documentary credit & UCP 600; and ship-shore interface, electronic commerce, and EDI are discussed in depth. The course employs field visits, case studies, group presentations, and discussions to facilitate learning. The highly esteemed Blue Ocean Academy, which has collaborated with ACI, brings this course to Dubai. We encourage interested candidates to enroll and benefit. Register today for  Certified Shipping and Freight Forwarding Professional visit: https://www.blueoceanacademy.com/courses/shipping-freight-forwarding-professional.html
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