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CILT Qualifications are Imperative to Remain Relevant in a Fast-changing Global Scenario.

Logistics and transport professionals in the Middle East are all set to gain from a series of chartered diploma qualifications from the United Kingdom launched by Blue Ocean from February 2019. At a time when global companies are increasingly looking to hire professionals with industry expertise as well as higher -end qualifications, the prestigious UK-based Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport has joined hands with the region’s largest knowledge empowerment enterprise Blue Ocean create human capital for the UAE’s rapidly expanding logistics and transport industry. According to the World Bank's latest Logistics Performance Index, the UAE ranked 13th out of 160 countries. This means the UAE outperforms countries such as Canada, Finland, France, Denmark and Australia. When compared with its emerging market peers, the UAE ranks first, cementing its position as the leading logistics hub in fast-growing economies. The Chartered Institute of Logistics Transport International Diploma (Level 5) was launched in the UK in 2015 and is equivalent to a 2 years’ degree course. It has been specially designed to provide a sound foundation for a career within the transport and supply chain fields and will provide supervisors, first line managers and potential middle managers with a complete set to of management and operational skills. It runs through Management in Logistics and Transport, Transport Planning, Production Planning and International Business. The International Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Transport (Level 6) is CILT’s highest level of qualification designed for the next generation of business leaders, helping operational managers and technical specialists to think strategically, carry out in-depth research and stretch their knowledge and competence. Both the CILT diploma courses are being launched by Blue Ocean in Dubai from Feb. 20 and will be preceded by an information seminar at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Feb. 8. The CILT is a global professional membership organization, with a strong presence in 30 countries and has helped shape government policy across diverse economies. All Blue Ocean students are endorsed by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority. Blue Ocean will also act as an authorised centre for CILT examinations and all students will gain lifelong membership with CILT. According to Dr. Sathya Menon, Academic Director, Blue Ocean, the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Diploma and Advanced Diploma is a top-class UK-based credential that will give Logistics professionals in the Middle East to connect themselves with the best practices throughout the world. “Logistics has always been the cornerstone of our training expertise and we are proud to associate with CILT and introduce top class qualifications for our supply chain students,” he explained. Global companies are increasingly looking at hiring professionals with industry qualifications and expertise and Blue Ocean has played a stellar role in training professionals and keeping them relevant to their workplaces. (ENDS) About the Company: Blue Ocean, an ISO certified organization is a leading management training and educational consultancy firm, Blue Ocean has sparked the careers of thousands of professionals drawn from different industries who have displayed rare leadership qualities in challenging scenarios. We specialize in designing courses that bridge the gap between infrastructure and knowledge, imparting futuristic skills to a new genre of industry leaders, shaping them into dynamic professionals in an increasingly competitive world.
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