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Advance your career in the purchasing industry with the CPP – CPPM certification course from the American Purchasing Society (APS).

Program Highlights
  • Learn best practices in procurement
  • Understand negotiation strategies
  • Understanding international sourcing
  • Manage risks in procurement

From: American Purchasing Society, USA

A keen understanding of sourcing and procurement cost takeout is very important at the strategic level. One needs to identify where an organization can consolidate spending, use enterprise leverage to negotiate lower unit costs, and then direct the users to purchase from the new enterprise contract.

The CPPM certification is an advanced course where the skills of Purchase Managers are honed and they develop an insight into the challenges of the industry that they are engaged in. Complex problem solving, case studies and many more await Purchase Managers at this level of certification. Certification is crucial towards becoming a world-class purchasing professional. Today’s employers refuse to reward employees for yesterday’s skills.

Get World Class Qualification in Purchasing and SCM now!!!!

CPPM certification course

CPPM certification course

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