Creativity and Innovation Thinking Course

Course Introduction: 

Creativity and Innovation are two key elements to thrive and sustain in the cut-throat competitive business landscape. Therefore, business must foster a culture of creativity and innovation within the organization to succeed and excel. 

Individuals across every field must continuously foster their creative and innovative skills to produce a positive impact on their organization. This course is aimed at harnessing the abilities to generate new and creative ideas and implement them successfully to reap organizational benefits. The training allows participants to discover numerous unique tactics, approaches and techniques to come up with impactful out-of-the-box ideas. 

Course Objectives: 

  • Foster a culture of creativity and innovation to pace up with the ever-evolving business world
  • Build a competency framework to harbour innovation and creativity 
  • Team exercises and collaboration to develop and nurture creative ideas 
  • Stages of creative process – generation to implementation
  • Creative thinking techniques – brainstorming, mind mapping, lateral thinking etc. 
  • Explore barriers to creativity and how to overcome them
  • Cultivate enablers of organizational creativity 
  • Eliminate procrastination through original thinking
  • Transform creative imaginations into strategic process or techniques 
  • Break free from stereotype habitual thought processes 

Course Modules: 

Module 1 – Introduction to creativity and innovation 

Module 2 – Developing vision and clarity 

Module 3 – Models of innovation 

Modules 4 – Creative thinking tools and techniques

Module 5 – Applying creativity as a business tool 

Module 6 – Ways to brainstorm 

Module 7 – Identify barriers to creativity 

Module 8 – Problem analysis and resolving issues 

Module 9 – Collaboration for innovation 

Module 10 – Case studies and success stories