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Dangerous Goods Regulations – DGR Course

Blue Ocean Academy in association with Gulf Center For Aviation Studies (GCAS) delivers DGR Awareness and DGR Cat 6 Training & Certification Programs. 

Dangerous Goods Regulations Course is the trusted source to help you prepare and document dangerous shipments. Recognized by the world’s airlines for almost 60 years, the DGR is the most complete, up-to-date, and user-friendly reference in the industry.

The Dangerous Goods Regulations is a “field manual” version of the ICAO Technical Instructions. Written and edited by airline dangerous goods experts, the Dangerous Goods Regulations present the requirements for shipping dangerous goods by air in a user friendly, easy to interpret format.

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Dangerous Goods (DGR) CAT 6 – Dgr Cat 6 Certification

The main objective of this course is to provide the Airlines, Freight Forwarders and Shipper’s with knowledge and skills required to determine when a consignment of dangerous goods is prepared, handled, stored and transported in accordance to the ICAO Technical Instructions and Dangerous Goods Regulations and apply it correctly and efficiently.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Allows a safe and efficient transport of dangerous goods
  • Apply the DGR Goods Regulation correctly
  • Understand the Legal aspects involved
  • Differentiate between shipper’s and Operator’s responsibilities
  • Identify and Classify DGR Goods according to their Hazard
  • Complete the Airway bill in accordance with the applicable rules and procedures
  • Accept or Reject a shipment correctly by use of an Acceptance check list
  • Familiar with loading and storage procedure
  • Be aware of the provisions for dangerous goods
  • Learn about the safety issues and how to apply them in the workplace
  • Follow general emergency procedures when a damaged/leaking

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Who Should Attend DGR CAT 6 Course?

  • Airline cargo staff
  • Shippers and freight forwarders/Cargo Agents
  • Ground handling and load control staff involved in the cargo chain
  • Operations and station managers – Cargo
  • Cargo training and development specialist
  • Military staff dealing with dangerous goods

DGR CAT 6 Course Content:

  • General Philosophy
  • Using the Regulations
  • State and Operator Variations
  • Classification and Identification
  • Packaging Instructions
  • Types of Packaging
  • Different Dangerous Goods Packed Togethe
  • Specification Marking
  • Marking and Labeling
  • Documentation
  • Shipment Checking
  • Air Waybill completion
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Transport Radioactive Material by Air

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Dangerous Goods Awareness

It is a legal requirement that any employee, whose duties concern the carriage of Dangerous Goods by Air, shall have received training in the requirements governing the carriage of such goods commensurate to their duties. Awareness courses are always tailored to meet the customer’s exact requirements, usually covering the basic theory of hazard classes, packaging, marking & labeling documentation and storage.

DGR Awareness Course Content

  • General Philosophy
  • Limitations
  • Classes / Divisions & IMP Codes Of Dangerous Goods
  • Marking & Labeling
  • Documentation Requirements
  • Storage, loading & segregation of cargo
  • Overview of Personal Protective Equipment(PPE)
  • Emergency Procedures and Incident Report

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