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In a fast-paced world that is subjected to constant changes and challenges, the ability to ensure and deliver value efficiently and predictability is more crucial than ever. This efficiency and predictability behind the delivery of value are now more important than ever.

Lean leadership enables companies to make that fundamental shift from surviving to thriving by removing those organizational practices and mindsets that restrict the efficient delivery of value.

Every leader of an organization has a significant role to play in the implementation of the culture of continuous improvement. As a Lean Leader, you can drive and sustain organizational change and operational excellence by empowering other individuals and teams to reach their highest potential. Implement the true Lean culture within your organization by learning and replicating Lean mindset, principles and practices, and leading the change to a new way of working.

Effective leadership is not about a single attribute but rather a strategic combination of the 6 Ps. These 6 Ps are critical in boosting the effectiveness of any leader belonging to any job role. Learn the core components of Lean transformation and the key steps that leaders of an organization should take to enact sustainable change.

Webinar highlights include:

  • True Lean mindset and principles
  • Lean leadership behavior
  • 6Ps framework
  • Five Lenses of Lean transformation
  • Situational Lean leadership

Join us for this insightful webinar on Lean Leadership to learn how you could make a big difference to your organizational progress via the innovative strategies and framework of Lean principles.

  • Forum :Six Sigma Forum
  • Webinar :Quality Management Webinar
  • Topic :Delivering Organizational Values Efficiently with Lean Leadership
  • Date :18th January 2022
  • Time :7.00 – 8.30pm (Dubai, UAE Time)
  • Phone :+971 56 683 5464
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