Today’s companies are under serious pressure to improve their bottom lines and are increasingly expecting their key executives to have a basic understanding of the financial terms and concepts. This knowledge is particularly crucial in any position that involves critical decision-making or supporting this process, directly or indirectly. To address this requirement, the Finance for Business Leaders program has been designed, which provides a holistic and business-centric overview of accounting and finance concepts, conventions, and methods. The training will impart practical knowledge that can be immediately carried back to work desks.


Finance for Business Leaders Program covers exciting and often, vexing subjects such as – comprehending Financial Reports and Cash Flow Statements, using Budgeting, Cost Control and Working Capital Management and understanding Forecasting and Decision-making tools. Apart from understanding key risk areas like Revenue recognition, Accounts Receivables and non-moving inventory, the Program will also give an overview of important subjects like Mergers and Acquisitions, Valuation, Sources of Finance and Business Performance measurement using Balanced Scorecard. An introduction will also be given on VAT (Value Added Taxation) as also the emerging topics like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) all which have financial and decision-making significance for all Business Leaders.

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Why you should enroll yourself for this Program?

  • Everything in business, has to ultimately make commercial sense, which is measured in dollar terms. Every professional, whatever be their area of expertise, has to be financially savvy to achieve success in their area of specialization
  • Knowledge of finance, gives you an edge to move up the corporate ladder. A common trait found in all successful executives is that they possess a strong foundation on the financial aspects of business. 
  • Gain the respect and co-operation of the Finance and Accounting team in your Organization as you facilitate better team work and quicker turn-around of paper work
  • Obtain better insight about higher-management thinking and what’s going on around you at work

Program Design

  • To demystify the finance field
  • To improve your ability to concentrate on key financial aspects of  business and thereby help in decision-making
  • To help you understand financial reports, key performance indicators and warning signs of your business

Who should attend the Program?

  • All executives and business leaders in any line of business or industry, since Finance is the lifeblood of all businesses
  • Executives can be from any field like Production, Sales, Marketing, Procurement, IT, HR, Learning & Development, Logistics and Transportation and so on. Even Finance executives can refresh their knowledge by attending this Program.
  • All Students not majoring in Finance will immensely benefit too
  • Executives can be from Junior, Middle or Senior levels, as the knowledge is useful at all levels

Program Faculty

Mr. Ramachandran V S FCA, CISA, CIA, CFE, AICWA will be the faculty responsible for delivery of the program. He has more than 25 years of hands-on experience having worked in Oil & Gas, Aviation, Ferro-Alloy industries as well as Big 4 Audit Firm experience. He is a Team Leader for the Dubai Quality Award program for more than a decade, which gives him first-hand experience of several best practices by winners of DQA Awards. He has also been a SKEA Award Team Leader and was one of the first assessors for Saudi Arabia’s King AbdulAziz Quality Award. Besides rendering many training programs on Finance and Audit, he has helped Organizations win the DQA Award and has also spoken in international conferences and seminars in Europe, Asia, and North America.

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