Free Training Courses for Emiratis

We are delighted to receive overwhelming feedback for our new initiative that provides free online training to the UAE nationals.  Hundreds of individuals have joined our different courses and they were happy to utilize their free time for a productive outcome. As the whole world is accepting the new norms set by CoVid-19, we have to prepare ourselves to survive and thrive in the changing conditions. While the UAE government is planning to continue online education to ensure the safety of the students, we should realize that online learning is the future.

We hope that it will help many more individuals to upskill themselves and stay relevant in the ever-changing market. The free training intends to support the UAE citizens who are not able to invest in learning due to the current situation. The popular media organizations in the UAE have also supported us in the initiative and increased its reach to the public. Blue Ocean online training stands out from the rest as all our instructors are industry experts; we provide accredited international certification, access to real-life case studies and online assessments to evaluate your understanding.

As part of the initiative, all UAE Nationals can enroll for the FREE online training in our popular courses and upgrade their knowledge and skills, from the comfort of their homes. If you wish to avail the international certification, you need to pay ONLY the examination fee to the certifying body. This payment is given directly to the concerned certifying body in order to obtain your international certification.

Feedback from students

The UAE nationals were extremely happy to join our free training sessions. It’s a matter of pride that we could support them with free online training and we have succeeded in meeting their expectations.

The UAE nationals can enroll themselves for the above courses or even nominate other Emirati friends in their circles to join the course. The best way to face the uncertainties is to improve your skills and feel confident in your own abilities. It is not the time to sit back with the fear of job insecurity; instead, it is the right time to broaden your knowledge to face all the challenges positively.

We look forward to meeting you soon in our virtual classroom and wish you the best in your future endeavours. 

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Study Online

Blue Ocean featured in press

Blue Ocean Academy has received overwhelming support from the prominent media in the UAE for providing free training to the UAE nationals. UAE and its people have been supporting us throughout our long journey and this is the time when we should contribute back to society. All UAE nationals can avail free online training in our courses till June 15. We hope it will help people come out of this crisis with an additional qualification to boost their careers. We are grateful to the media for providing great coverage for our initiative which has certainly increased its reach to the public.

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