Blue Ocean Academy provides an opportunity for its students to become experts in sourcing with free training. All students of Blue Ocean can enroll for the training in the Certified International Sourcing Manager (CISM) program. The students should pay ONLY the examination fee to the concerned international certifying body while the training is provided free of cost. Thousands of individuals have upgraded their skills and found jobs through the different free training initiatives of the academy.

The Certified International Sourcing Manager (CISM) program at Blue Ocean is suitable for individuals who wish to improve the end to end sourcing operations in their organizations. This training will help you to build long-term relationships with suppliers, negotiate pricing and control costs and manage the company and the overall sourcing strategy for long-term success.

Course Outline:

Understanding SCM vs. Procurement & Purchasing vs. Sourcing 

  • Let’s Talk Definitions
  • What is Sourcing
  • Types of Sourcing
  • From Tactical to Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing

  • Approach to Strategic Sourcing Strategies
  • The Steps to Strategic Sourcing
  • Kraljic Matrix

Supplier Management

  • Locating & Developing Sources of Supply
  • Determining Changing Market place factors
  • Applying Selection Criteria
  • Supplier Ratings

Global Procurement & Sourcing

  • Definitions
  • Implications of Forex
  • Types of Global Sources

Sourcing Best Practices

  • Developing & Implementing a Strategic Sourcing Strategy
  • Evolution of Category Management

Supply Chain Sourcing

  • Managing Productive Supplier Relationship
  • Insourcing vs. Outsourcing
  • Developing Continuous Improvement