VAT Impact: Procurement & Supply Chain Workshop

Free Workshop on the Impact of VAT on Procurement & Supply Chain. GCC VAT Implications | Challenges | Roadmap

Workshop Objectives:
GCC VAT is on its way to implementation, legislation, regulation and framework is on the verge of announcements creating challenges for businesses to develop and design a road map for coping with the changing scenarios. Those who believe that VAT is an accounting issue are mistaken. VAT implementation will challenge all aspects of business branding from internal and external stakeholders to processes, business models, supply chain partnerships, pricing strategies to even sustainability issues for some businesses.
This workshop is designed with a special focus on one of the most vulnerable areas expected to be affected due to VAT implementation i.e Procurement. Key Takeaways:
  • Understanding VAT and its implications
  • GCC VAT Framework & Local Legislations
  • VAT - Accounting and Business Challenge
  • VAT - System Disruption Analysis
  • VAT Impact Analysis - Methodology & Techniques
  • Test Implementation Program
  • Managing Change
  • Procurement System Redesign
  • VAT Vendor Impact & Policy Redesign
  • VAT Capex Challenges
  • Expense Policy Redesign
  • Capacity Building - System & People
  • Setting VAT-Procurement Key Performance
  • Indicators (KPIs)
Free Workshop on the Impact of VAT on Procurement & Supply Chain.  

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