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Freight forwarders throughout the world plan and execute all type of transportation modes. They have a wide variety of responsibilities to be carried out like researching routes, making arrangements for shipments and monitoring its rates and providing quotes to customers, managing transportation documentation etc.

Freight forwarders have to communicate closely with shippers, carriers, packaging companies, warehouses, government agencies and financial institutions. Collaboration between the freight forwarders has to be intact to ensure that the freight is forwarded and delivered on time to the recipient.

Employers across the globe who hire for these professionals prefer a certification in shipping and freight forwarding in their resume. To acquire the expertise in the domain to execute daily tasks in a hassle free manner, Blue Ocean offers shipping and freight forwarding course to the candidates.

Who Should Enrol?

The shipping and freight forwarding course was initiated primarily for two type of persons: one is for the freshers who are new to the area of international transportation, trade, logistics and supply chain industries who have the intend to acquire new skills and knowledge so as to become more employable in the industry, and second one is for the professional who has already been in the field for long but wishes to enhance their existing skills.

Features of the Freight Forwarding Courses

  • The courses are accredited by FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations).
  • Again they are accredited by supply chain council all over the globe.
  • The real time training sessions are taught by industry experts who have been in the field for numerous years.
  • Classes include theory blended with practical session and case studies relevant to day to day operations.

CSFFP Training  gives you an insight into the practical sessions as a freight forwarder and have decided to resume as a bright employer in the designation. Contact the right institution to avail the skills and the tag to work as a certified freight forwarder.

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