Grooming for a Quantum Jump

Creating a Successful Future

As businesses shapes and grows, they demand individuals who poses versatile knowledge in multiple domains of business management. Professional Management Education and Learning's is evolving rapidly. The ways that industries have measured assets over the last several years is undergoing a sea change. In such a scenario with the world adopting digitalization and AI, we notice Human Resources are viewed differently too. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is undoubtedly one of the most significant examples of technological advancement. Almost every industry today including Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Construction, Education, Retail, FMCG, Automobiles etc. have adapted AI. It is anticipated that there will be hardly any industry over the next few years which will be untouched by this techno phenomena. Keeping in mind the needs of the dynamic changing market, prospecting candidates & career aspirants as well as students starting their professional journeys will have to equip themselves with professional certifications and make your Education and Career experience count to be hired. There's a rising trend in business schools. Everyone seems to have come up with an Institute and claims it’s the best, but many of these barely provide the right studies and experiences for business in the real world. How does one choose the right provider when there are so many offerings? How does one identify the right certifications to enhance their career goals? 2022 witnessed a roller-coaster strong growth - but also brought lay-offs in many industries across the globe. Here are some tips - that will nurture your journey to attain your desired goals- for the coming years  
  1. Stop the Mistakes on you resume: It makes your entire search efforts go down the drain when you use poor grammar or spelling mistakes with terrible formatting. Edit unwanted excessive information.
  2. Have a strategy - Your resume is a powerful tool. It should be concise and clear to meet the specific of the advertised job. Refrain from placing your photo as it can detract the content of your resume unless asked for.
  3. New graduates stepping into the real world should mention their participation in workshops, seminars and/or event and exhibitions. Include any area of expertise gains as an intern during the academic years. These activities will gain to build confidence with prospective employers confirming your exposure to the real world.
  4. Discover and Identify Quality Centric Institutes known to drive Management Development programs with an upward trend of placements.
  5. For employers who are caught up with rapid hiring will have to encourage hiring professional certified candidates and now both prospective employees and employers must stay flexible and be prepared to adapt to the changing market scenarios.
  Today it has gone beyond just imparting knowledge and focuses on gaining relevant ‘Business Skills and Best Practices’. As aspiring professionals candidates will have to leverage their quantitative skills and embrace the 'Journey to Learning' to be able to tackle the challenges and responsibilities of their positions. Whether on a professional journey or looking to further your careers in the ever-transforming business landscape, the call to embrace and foster a culture of growth and development individually lies with You & You Alone!
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