How is HR certification important to you and your career?

hr certification

The HR department plays an important role in the success of any organization. A well-structured human resource management function provides a strategic edge to any modern organization. It manages the employees and motivates them to work towards achieving the organizational goals. The webinar was conducted by Blue Ocean Academy on the topic "How is HR certification important to you and your career?" discussed the evolution of HR function, its functions and the importance of HR certification.

The following are the important points discussed in the webinar:

Human resource management is as old as human beings. You cannot achieve something without proper management of human beings. The only difference is that now, we have realized it as a function. HR emerged as a specific field in the early 20th century. It was Frederick Winslow Taylor who introduced the idea that work has to be studied to improve efficiency.  He started the scientific management movement with ground-breaking ideas like job analysis.  He broke each job into component parts and calculated the timing required to complete each part to determine the most efficient method of working. 

Elton Mayo started a human relations movement that focused on exploring the link between employee satisfaction/wellbeing and workplace productivity. He linked performance to the environment in which employees are working. He stated that even employees with great skills cannot perform well in a toxic environment.

Functions of HRM

Human resource management has several functions. The following are some of them:

  • Job analysis

The first job of HR is to analyze the job and create a job description. They must understand the human requirements of the jobs and create suitable job descriptions to ensure that the candidates are able to assess the nature of the job.

  • Talent acquisition

It is the HR function to find the right people for the organization. Marketing job descriptions to attract efficient candidates is their goal. They should also focus on employee branding to create a positive impression of the organization.

  • Talent development

After talent acquisition, it requires great efforts to make the employee successful in the organization. Individual coaching and support ensures that the employee stays in the organization and performs well.

  • Learning and development

The more we invest in learning and development, the higher profit we generate. Humans are learning machines. They need to learn continuously to improve and perform better.

  • Performance management

An efficient HR department can develop and maintain optimal performance levels in an organization. Supporting the employees to enable them to give their best is their responsibility.

Importance of HR certification

As time passes, HR is becoming more and more complex. HR professionals need rigorous training to understand the changing trends in the profession. The following are the important benefits of an HR certification:

  • Understand the best practices in the industry

Training will help you to understand the best global practices in your industry.

  • Learn the theoretical as well as implementation part

HR certification programs focus on the implementation aspects. It enables individuals to implement the lesson in their organization for better results.

  • Learn from industry experts

It is an opportunity to learn from industry experts who can give you useful tips from their long expertise.

  • Career advancement or transition

As competition is increasing in the market, training and certification can improve the chances of career advancement or transition.

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