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HR Training for Non HR Managers

HR Training for Non-HR Managers is designed to help different department managers to manage their staff better by equipping them with critical HR skills.  This course focuses on key issues for managers, such as handling employee interviews, on-boarding, appraisals, training, grievances, and much more.

Who Should Attend:

  • Human Resources Professionals, Personnel Planners, Strategic Planners, Senior Line Professionals and Employee Relations Professionals
  • Members of project groups who are developing employment practices
  • Supervisors and Team Leaders taking responsibility for the Human Resources or Personnel Function
  • Supervisors or Team Leaders who wish to improve their knowledge of professional employment practices

Training  Methodology:

  • Delivery of this course will involve an interactive and communicative approach to learning through attendee participation in a variety of techniques, activities and games.
  • The course will be include classroom activities, case studies, group discussion, role play, games, video segments, and practical exercises.

The Course Objectives:

The main objectives of this course are to provide participants with the skills and tools to…

  • Use a strategic model to build Human Resources strategy, and know where strategy fits into corporate business
  • Be able to transform strategic requirements into Human Resources objectives using the Human Resources model
  • Be able to create Human Resources strategic action plans to achieve business objectives
  • Be able to provide innovative predictive information
  • Have practiced business information interviews and presenting results
  • See the big picture for the future of employment and performance through people
  • Build your professional confidence
  • Build and produce high level management information
  • Identify the context for change – the economic and social changes that are driving employment change
  • Identify current employment practices and establish an agenda for change
  • Look at international developments in employment practices
  • Establish a series of best practices covering such issues as Leadership and Management Style, Recruitment and Retention, Performance Management, Work Organization, Equal Opportunities, Industrial Democracy, Employee Relations and Communications, Consultation and Involvement

The Course Outlines:

The formulation of strategy – How it works  – The process explained :

  • Introductions and program objectives
  • Why taking Human Resources to executive level is such a good idea – greater opportunities, bigger job – long term security and it’s what world class businesses want
  • Where strategy fits with the Vision, mission and operating plans
  • Traditional approach to strategic planning
  • The new Human Resources model -10 steps needed to form a Human Resources strategy
  • The strategic model how it works

Translation strategic requirements into business action plans –  including the formation of human resources budgets:

  •  The formation of Strategic objectives and how to translate them into the Human Resources model
  • Building Business actions plans
  • Building Strategic action plans – getting others committed; No SAP – what can happen
  • Producing Executive financial information – unit costs and spend analysis
  • Advanced predictive trends and management information – getting the big picture :
  • Why executives need predictive information
  • Executive must be good at predictive information – trend analyze
  • Software for predictive planning and trend analysis
  • Other predictive factor to review, succession planning, emergency planning

Key performance factors – maximizing  human capital :

  •  Measurement tools – organizational maturity, corporate culture etc.
  • Relationship between performance and competence
  • Valuing human capital – how to do it
  • Critical performance indicators
  • Presenting at executive level

Understanding and being able to act on high level of human resources trends :

  •  World trends – employment, inclusion, new employee expectations
  • World business trends – leadership, team working, employment/ supervision ratios
  • Changing Trends relating to Human Resources

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