Impressive Office Administration Training Programs

To be a successful in office administration, good knowledge in software, office practices and human relations is essential. An office administration training program like COA/CBA imparts candidates with a practical skills and industry support necessary for pursuing a rewarding career in this field. People who take up office administrator training programs often work in a variety of professional positions such as office administrators, office managers, receptionists, administrative assistants, executive assistants, word processing specialists/typists, office assistants, and record clerks. COA/CBA stands for Certified Office Administrator (COA) / Certified Business Administrator (CBA). This program is offered by the American Certification Institute (ACI). This career-focused training and educational program takes you through apt content tailored to get you into a rewarding professional position, without spending loads of money and time sitting in a classroom. The COA certification course trains candidates in office administration, human relations, business communication, telephonic etiquettes, team building, time management, stress management, management principles, and personality development; and helps them build skills pertaining to office administration, human relations, body language, communication, management, personality development, time management, record keeping, building customer relationships, stress management, file management, and basic financial management. The Blue Ocean Academy, a leading educational and training institute in the UAE has collaborated with the ACI to bring the COA/CBA program to interested candidates. At this institute, experienced administration professionals handle the program and provide world-class training. Firsthand industry knowledge will be disseminated to candidates so that they develop an insight into what is expected of them in their office administration job. They also will get to understand aspects related to supervising and overseeing of business operations. Taking up this program helps candidates upgrade their current office position or find better opportunities in small businesses, large corporations, real estate, insurance companies, government departments, etc. Further, the COA/CBA certification imparts international recognition and credibility to office administration professionals. So, they are highly esteemed by colleagues and employees. This course therefore is particularly valuable for people working in office administration in Dubai. For, Dubai is a land of opportunities for professionals to climb up the corporate ladder. The land presents international business in transport and distribution, trade and tourism, regional offices, and manufacturing and processing created by the regional and global trade here, specifically between Asia and Europe. We therefore encourage those involved in office administration to get enrolled in the COA/CBA program offered by the Blue Ocean Academy and get benefitted. After the training, the candidates will have to sit for an exam at the designated exam center to become COA/CBA certified. To know more about this program, you can download this course’s brochure at Blue Ocean Academy’s website. Register today for Office Administration training program :


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