Increase your Earning Potential!
Get a renowned Internationally Accredited certification and shape your Career path. 

In the current global market the demand is shifting from the mere presence of logistics professionals to heads of enterprises who can define and create new processes and ensure that they are consistent with new world procedures.

  1. Certified International Purchasing Professional  Certification – CPP
  2. Certified International Supply Chain Professional  Certification – CISCP

Prestigious qualifications recognized all over the world, Procurement and Supply Chain professionals learn new skills and innovations necessary to deal with modern Procurement, Supply Chain, shipping, production and distribution methods.

Why to become a Certified Professional?

  • CISCP/CPP is one of the leading certification for the Supply Chain / Procurement professionals world wide.
  • Certification indicates a high level of professionalism increasing one’s value in the market place.
  • Certification signifies your dedication to continuous improvement.
  • A survey done by a Supply Chain & Purchasing Magazine revealed that certified professionals earn 48% more salary than non-certified professionals.