Kanban, which literally means a ‘sign-board’, originated in the Toyota Production System. It is an integral part of the Just-in-time methodology which is one of the pillars of the Lean Manufacturing system. Proper use of Kanban system enables the organization to practice the ‘Pull System’ of production which avoids the waste of ‘over-production’. This two-day workshop will enable you to enhance the productivity of your organization using the Kanban system.

What Will Students Learn?

  • How Lean manufacturing is different from traditional batch-and-queue systems
  • Understand the drawbacks of over-production
  • Appreciate the benefits associated with the Pull System
  • Reduce changeover/setup times
  • Design Kanban systems
  • Operate Kanban systems
  • Realize the benefits of Kanban

What Topics are Covered?

  • Evolution of the Kanban System
  • Pillars of Lean Manufacturing
  • Push vs. Pull System
  • Work-in-progress
  • The concept of Flow
  • Principles of Kanban methodology
  • Types of Kanban systems
  • Reducing inventory with Kanban

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