Lean for banking is three days course aiming to create lean thinkers for banking industry, this program supports and sustains improvements in customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and operational efficiency.


A distinctive capability building program designed to empower individuals and enable large scale transformations in organizations. The program enables individuals, including managers, change agents, operations team leaders, and frontline staff to reflect on the way they work, discover new tools and approaches, and obtain expert advice to improve customer satisfaction and employee engagement while operating more efficiently


The participants will learn how to transform their E2E operating model with diagnose, design and implement lean methodology

lean for banking

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Course Content

Day-01 – History of lean, and Diagnostic Phase
Day-02 – Design Phase
Day-03 – Improve Phase

Hear first-hand accounts of the impact Lean Management has in terms of customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and organizational effectiveness

  • Understand the challenges associated with transforming an organization and the keys to
    setting it up for success
  • Empower the front-line and serve your customers better with the principles, practices, and
    techniques of Lean Management
  • Explore the four pillars of Lean Management and how they work together to drive continuous
  • Learn about the three phases of a transformation wave (diagnostic, design, implementation),
    and the objectives, activities, and challenges of each phase
  • Practice using the tools and techniques associated with each of the three phases in the
    context of a fictional case, and apply it to your own organization
  • Examine a robust set of tools that you can leverage during implementation
  • Identify concrete tips for continuous improvement and sustainability