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Logistics and Supply Chain Courses in Lagos, Abuja, Nigeria

Blue Ocean Academy, an ISO certified organization is a leading management training and educational consultancy firm, Blue Ocean has sparked the careers of thousands of professionals drawn from different industries who have displayed rare leadership qualities in challenging scenarios. We specialize in designing courses that bridge the gap between infrastructure and knowledge, imparting futuristic skills to a new genre of industry leaders, shaping them into dynamic professionals in an increasingly competitive world.

Headquartered in the UAE with a strong presence in the Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Azerbaijan and Nigeria. Blue Ocean stands on an enviable reputation built on 20 years of training, 80,000 alumni worldwide, a global network of certified trainers, international affiliations and multinational partners.

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Internationally Acclaimed Certified Courses

Blue Ocean delivers custom-designed training courses with a premium certification tag. Internationally certified, the courses are based on the best corporate practices worldwide. Trained instructors either travel to a location determined by the client or companies can send their delegates to Blue Ocean for classroom training. Either way, it’s a win-win situation – flexible timings, venues, good value for money and a prestigious qualification for employees.

Procurement Training Courses in Lagos Nigeria

Blue Ocean Academy has an exclusive tie-up with American Purchasing Society, USA to deliver procurement and purchasing training courses in  Nigeria.

From the American Purchasing Society, USA

International sourcing emerged initially as a reactive approach designed to reduce production costs and neutralize the threat of foreign competition. Today, leading edge firms have shifted the focus of their international sourcing efforts to that of a proactive strategy that pursues a sustainable competitive advantage. The challenge of all purchase specialists and managers is to explore best practices in international sourcing that positively impact a firm’s competitiveness.

Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP)

Certified Purchasing Professional Manager (CPPM)

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Logistics and Supply Chain Management Training Courses in Lagos Nigeria

For all aspiring logistics professionals, the IPSCMI “Certified International Supply Chain Professional” followed by the “Certified International Supply Chain Manager is a two-step qualification specially designed to carve out top-notch careers. A prestigious qualification recognized all over the world, logistics professionals learn new skills and innovations necessary to deal with modern shipping, production and distribution methods.

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Certified International Commercial Contracts Manager (CICCM) – Certification in Qatar

The Certified International Commercial Contracts Manager (CICCM) is designed for US and international business practitioners by The International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute (IPSCMI). It is particularly appropriate for those individuals who wish to increase their commercial contracts management skills. CICCM Course Contents

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Certified International Warehouse and Inventory Manager (CIWIM) Training Course in Lagos Nigeria

Management of Warehouse and Inventory is essential to any logistics system, which is an essential part of supply chain management.  Warehousing will play a substantial role in ensuring  the efficient functioning of the entire supply chain systems in the future.  As customers are moving towards online shopping, RFIDs, Autobots, CPFR and auto replenishment systems will be the new normal in warehouse and inventory operations. CIWIM Course Contents   

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logistics and supply chain management courses

Why Choose Logistics and Supply Chain Management Training at Blue Ocean Academy in Nigeria?

  • Courses are delivered by MCIPS qualified procurement professionals with over 25 years of global logistics industry experience
  • Our courses are enriched with industry examples to enable participants to understand how the learning is applied in real life
  • Our case studies are based on projects we have delivered and not just on academic theory
  • Blue Ocean is a trusted brand for Procurement and Supply Chain training in Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Sri Lanka and India,form a part of our core offering for Purchasing and Supply professionals

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