This intensive and highly interactive course focuses on providing a measurable improvement in the negotiating performance of all participants. Throughout the course you will participate in sessions, review other delegates and work with the trainer to evaluate your own negotiation performance. Emphasis will be placed on practice rather than theory. Sessions will be videoed so allowing delegates to review their performance over the course training days.

Delegates will learn the skills to negotiate in order to avoid conflict, enable and facilitate decisions and to confidently reach win/wins with others.


Objectives: By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the structure underlying all negotiation.
  • Use the most appropriate strategies, skills and tactics for effective negotiation.
  • Put new skills straight into practice confidently.
  • Pick up signals, make proposals, bargain and trade effectively.
  • Break any deadlocks stalling the negotiation.
  • Cope effectively with more difficult people.
  • Recognise when and how to make concessions.
  • Secure win/win results.

Designed For: Managers and staff who are involved with commercial negotiations with customers, suppliers and colleagues both inside and outside their organization. Managers looking to refresh and further develop their skills and confidence in different negotiation situations.

Course Content:

Introduction to Negotiating

  • Identifying the role of negotiating skills in resolving differences and conflict situations at work
  • Styles of handling conflict – self-scoring activity

Preparing to Negotiate

  • Clarifying ideal and fall-back situations
  • Developing a practical strategy for negotiating

 Evaluating Your Current Negotiation Approach – Strengths and Issues

  • Understanding your current negotiation style
  • Working with the negotiation process

The Interpersonal Skills of Negotiation

  • Listening – picking up signals and acting on them
  • Silence – as a powerful negotiation tool
  • Body language – being aware of your own body language and picking up clues from others

Analyzing the Elements of Negotiating

  • Video case study to illustrate negotiating skills in action
  • Plan the opening
  • Manage the debate
  • Bargain
  • Achieve closure and implement solutions

The Eight Steps of the Negotiation Process

  • Planning and preparing – flexible and appropriate strategy, tactics and plans
  • Creating the right climate
  • Opening and proposing – making and responding to proposals
  • Bidding
  • Packaging – presenting and repackaging to make the deal more acceptable
  • Bargaining – trading and bargaining, putting a price on demands
  • Securing the deal and closing – minimising the rejection of proposals
  • Reviewing

The Psychology of Negotiating

  • Recognizing positive and negative feelings, and changes of mood
  • Coping with the pressures of uncertainty
  • Dealing with stress in negotiating

Dealing with Conflict and More Difficult People

  • Responding to and resolving conflict
  • Clarifying the real problem
  • Managing people’s feelings
  • Making concessions

Negotiation for Different Situations

  • Individual versus team negotiation
  • No deal – holding out
  • Best alternative – traded negotiated agreements

Teamwork in Negotiating

  • The characteristics of team negotiations
  • The benefits of negotiating in teams
  • Maintaining team communications and harmony

Negotiating Activities

  • Participants are invited to consider a number of negotiating scenarios, and recommend solutions

Negotiating Role-Playing Exercise

  • Working in small teams, course members take part in a role-play exercise that introduces them to negotiating skills