Promising Career Opportunities for Six Sigma Professionals - Six Sigma Training in Dubai, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia UAE

Six Sigma training and certification is gaining momentum in the UAE. International certification in Six Sigma is clearly a “differentiator” when it comes to pushing a resume on to the top of a heap. Taking its name from a Greek symbol to validate the performance of a company, Six Sigma was first introduced by Motorola in the US and has since become a powerful tool to eliminate defects and cut costs in large business organizations worldwide. The overall success of Six Sigma globally has spawned promising career opportunities for certified Six Sigma professionals in the Middle East. Promising Career Opportunities for Six Sigma ProfessionalsA Master Six Sigma Black Belt can demand a salary of US $ 25,000 (AED 91,250) per month while a certified Six Sigma Black Belt is worth US$ 20,000 (AED 73,000). A certified Six Sigma Green Belt can demand a salary of US $ 15,000 (Aed 54,750). (These are the world- -wide salaries for Six Sigma professionals as mentioned on various research and job portals). The world’s top institutions like General Electric, Bank of America, Honeywell, Johnson and Johnson and JP Morgan Chase have implemented Six Sigma methodology resulting in savings worth millions of dollars. At least 25 per cent of Fortune 200 companies have a serious Six Sigma programmes in place. The entire company needs to embrace the concepts of Six Sigma for it to work properly. If employees are willing to learn it and apply it skillfully to their jobs, costs will be reduced by 50% or more. Six Sigma also helps in understanding customer's needs better. It improves performance and delivery. The Six Sigma concepts can be applied to finance, production, sales, marketing, supply chain and logistics design, administration and service. Six Sigma is used most often to help eradicate company malfunctioning through its use of business, statistic and engineering principles. Six Sigma can be used to devise any solution that can reduce risks for a company and increase profitability. An example is where a nurse tending to a HIV patient can prevent herself from catching the deadly virus with the aid of a superbly-designed syringe, using the Six Sigma methodology. Six Sigma training helps employees in better utilization of resources. It increases employee confidence as it imparts new skills that can be easily used and built upon in the workplace. Companies who have successfully implemented Six Sigma methodology can definitely expect better services from each other. Six Sigma professionals • Cut costs for the company • Eliminate defects in the business process • Reduce risks, improve performance and delivery • Understand customer needs Mr. Sathya Menon is Executive Director - Academics, Blue Ocean Management Training & Consultancy, UAE.

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